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Warmtech Under Carpet Heating

Warmtech - Heating system
Under carpet Room Heater

  • SAFE
  • Full earth protection
  • Double insulated, high tensile rayon core
  • Spiral heating element
  • Energy consumption less than that of most
  • Alternative heaters
  • Just plug in, additional control options available if required

Enhance the natural beauty and warmth appeal of Carpet with the comfort, safety, and efficiency of a tried, tested, and proven heating system.

Warm tech undercarpet is a heating system of low temperature electric radiant heating mats laid between the carpet and the underlay.

The result is extremely luxurious, safe, and efficient heating.

The heater consists of a ultra thin heating cable encased between layers of foil laminate.

The Warm tech undercarpet heating system is available in a range of factory assemble sizes and shapes.

“warm your sole”

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